Once puberty kicks in, a girl will never feel the same way about her own body, and I am obviously one of the most qualified people out there to say such a thing. Truly, I do go by HulyQ, but that doesn’t mean I can’t speak out on an important subject, no sir. I believe in feminism and that’s how it is. As a gorgeous young Slavic girl of Polish descent, I only have to say that I rarely see a man walk down the streets without staring at my boobs, or in a lot of cases, without eyeballing my butt. My plump lips I used on my boyfriend are amazing as well, but let’s take a while to praise these gorgeous buttcheeks as well, but if we’re talking about them we have to mention the gorgeous thick thighs that I have, and the ocean-looking baby-blue eyes I have. Do you like it? Sorry, I have a boyfriend:)