Hello baby, my name is BoshyQ and I’m proud to present my hot body to you. I was born in Finland in 1995 and have been practicing athletics for the better part of my childhood. That’s why my body is shaped to perfection and my legs, butt, and tits look so amazing that even I love to stare at them for hours. I love playing with my dog, I have three of them. I slept with a boy first time when I was 20 years old and I absolutely love it, there’s simply nothing to dislike there, not too early and not too late. I started out in erotic art a couple of years ago and have been doing quite fine. I feel very privileged to show my stunning body to people, so I do my best to put on the sexiest clothes and to move around in a very seductive rhythm. I love kids, can’t wait to have my own, and also playing tennis.