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Hey guys, as you already know, my name is ForyQ and I’m a model for StasyQ. I have to say that it’s a blast working in front of the camera with Said and the entire StasyQ crew. I come from Poland and you should now that all the cutest girls are from there:) Some say […]

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Hey guys, my name is LilianQ. I come from a lovely place called Poland where I was born and raised. I was always lured to the fantasy novels like L.O.T.R. and today G.O.T. Yes, I was a nerd, everybody called me a geek but I just didn’t care. I loved the magic behind the imagination […]

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Hello there. I always like to cut straight to the point, just like now when I’m about to tell you that I’m everything you always dreamed about. The reason they call me CocsyQ is that I love being cocky, self-confident and above all – dominant. I know what I want, and I will get it […]

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