Hi, my name is ChertyQ, and I am an erotic model working for StasyQ. I started nude modeling when I was 19 after a friend took me to one of her sets. Soon after that, I received an offer from StasyQ. After I accepted it, I moved to Prague from my small town in the northern Czech Republic. I love to cook, and I am good at it. I like to experiment when I cook, continually mixing flavors. But I am also a workout freak, everything that I eat, I melt in the gym. My best friend is also a StasyQ model, and one day I would like to do some photo shoots with her. I always dreamed of becoming a chef, and believe that I can be one after I finish my modeling career, which is going to last for a long time, I hope. Wearing nothing but the silky white stockings that fall down her long legs, ChertyQ displays her bubble butt and long black hair in the erotic video.